I Don’t Understand

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Why must someone who says they care about their family continue to ruin everything that they have owned or lived ?  First it was the apartment and then the camper.  I have never in all my life seen such filth.  They have the audacity to blame either another family member or blame it on the death of their father.  The camper has been ruined and must go through a major overhaul for it to be useable again.  It breaks the heart of the woman who owns it to see it in such a state.  Hopefully it can be saved and be put back into the previous shape when our parents used it on their camping trips.


Upper GI Endoscopy

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Well I had my yearly endoscopy and apparently my hiatal hernia has gotten worse.  I now have to go for a Barium swallow (yum).  After that my doctor and I are going to over the results.  He advised my mom that he wants to do surgery on it to correct it.  Fun yet again.  From what he told my mom, it will done through my belly button.   Hopefully it will correct it.


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Some people take it for granted in having children.  But for those who want or can’t have children, a big part of their life is missing.  Over the past few years, this year especially, having a child of my own has really gotten to me.  I see these commercials with men and their children or TV shows where men have a son or daughter.  It pulls at my heart and brings tears to my eyes.  I wish I could have a child.  As a gay male it is even more difficult because one, society already looks down it’s nose at us and frowns upon gay couples raising or adopting a child.

More than ever, I would like to have a child of my own.  To give my mother a grandchild from her only son.  Sure she has daughters that have given her grandchildren and even a great grandchild.

What I would give to be sitting with a child like the picture of me and my great niece shown here.

My great niece Kaleigh and I.

Hello world!

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This is my first attempt a blogging.  Most of my thoughts will be rambling and may not make sense to anyone, except a few.